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Service For Maintenance (Comprehensive)


Features Of Work
  • Bi-monthly routine services as well as any break down calls
  • Break down calls of Server/UPS Room will be treat on urgent basis and will be resolved as soon as possible
  • Break down calls like Replacement/Repair of Compressor, Cooling, Condensor Coil and Gas Charging will be resolved within two working days
  • Break down calls for the Replacement/Repair of Major Parts of Ductable or VRF/VRV Unit will be resolved as per parts availability in their manufacturer company
  • At regular interval look out by our service department by personal visit, telephonic discussion or e-mail contact
Scope of Works (Including)
  • Filter Cleaning AC Cleaning
  • Outdoor Unit Wet Service by Pressure Pump Once in six months
  • Evaporator and Condenser Coil Cleaning with Blower
  • Fan Motor Oiling
  • Blower and Propeller Cleaning And Checking
  • Electrical Components Checking
  • Regular reading of Temperature, Current, Voltage & Pressure
  • Any break down call made by customer during normal working hours will be attended within three hours after receiving the complaint at our service center on all working days
  • Fan Motor Repairs or Replacement
  • Replacement of Electrical Parts like Running/Relay Starting
  • PCB Circuit Repairs
  • Compressor Replacement or Repairs
  • Leak Testing find out by Nitrogen and Leak detector
  • Gas Charging or Topping
  • In case our services are not found satisfactory at any time during the contract period the Customer may be terminated at discretion of the company by giving one-month notice
Scope of Works (Excluding)
  • Replacement of Air Filter
  • Replacement of Blower
  • Replacement of Fan Blade
  • Replacement or Repair of Cooling Coil
  • Replacement or Repair of Condenser Coil
  • Replacement or Repair of Remote handset
  • Replacement of PCB Circuit
  • Metal Body & Plastic body
  • Shifting / Re-installation / Changing in Ownership

Services for Supplying & Installation

Main Features of Supplying (Higher Side)
  • Machine Cost 100% in advance in favour of M/s. Caretech Aircon
  • Machine cost inclusive all local taxes like Octroi & VAT if delivery in Mumbai
  • Out of Mumbai Delivery other liable taxes will be extra
  • WRAC/SAC Delivery free within three working days
  • Ductable/Package delivery as per company's commitment
  • WRAC/SAC Warranty one year machine & more four years compressor
  • Ductable/Package Warranty 1 year
  • 3 Services in a period of 12 months absolutely free
Main Features Of Installation (Lowe Side)
  • Installation Cost 50% in advance and 50% within 7 days after work competition of work in favour of M/s. Caretech Aircon
  • If we do both Higher & Lower Side then Half yearly two services with necessary break down calls will be attend absolutely free